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The project started with
this scriptmania home page  

site about 15 years ago. Pre-Google! I would
harness a dozen different search engines, the
way a great grandfather had harnesses his Sechsgespann!
 Gradually the scriptmania project
began to proliferate into drama and prose
subsites, etc. as the links will inform you.
 I even paid for the main site
for some years, it allowed loads of material and photos
until it crashed while "freeservers" were moving from
one server to the next - and they had no back-up.

At one point I persuaded Tom Barry to manage the
scholar site, but he fell ill. Vincente Huici,
the only Basque Handke scholar I know of, managed
the romance site for a while, until it became too much
for him, and it is seriously out of date, and has
no duplicate on the blogosphere whence 
scriptmania segued 
about five years ago 

I am leaving the scriptmania sites
pretty much but not entirely unattended,
 but to transfer some pieces that belong,
as the case may be, onto the handkedrama,
or revista of review, or discusssion, etc sites.

If anyone wants to volunteer to do a Handke romance language blog - I will set it up for you! Or any other for that matter.

It is extremely difficult to ascertain what if any use the entire
project has. Judging by my attempt to get unperformed Handke plays done in English... not very much. You cannot imagine the number of theaters I have contacted to do the obvious premieres. THE ART OF ASKING, VOYAGE BY DUGOUT, TILL THE DAY US PART, LA CUISINE... Or university publishers to do a collection of Handke's writings on the disintegration of Yugoslavia.

Overall, it is not only the culture that is extremely depressing, but so are no end of its practitioners.

Putting  the feet of incompetent
reviewers to the fire has at least proved a measure of grim satisfaction.

Occasionally there is some satisfaction as in Scott Abbott's and mine discussion and mounting of a lot of material about IMMER NOCH STURM...
suddenly there is a lot of interest. Ditto for our discussion of DER GROSSE FALL, both at Scott's GOALIES ANXIETY BLOG [see link below] and at
the revista-of-reviews site.

Initially, FREESERVERS showed not only the number
of visitors and how much time they had spent on the site and their internet origin. That ceased and is only feasible now with payment.

The various blogs and their individual postings however have a daily and a cumulative count. The oddest of these is the 10,500 hits that my review of Malte Herwig's Handkebio received.

20Comment count
 The only way I can account for this number is to think
that Malte, who threatened AUSTRIAN NACHRICHTEN with a Euro 60K law suit if they did not remove Marie Colbin's review of his book [see link below] tried a DNS attack on the site. For his book is unlikely to have sold the number
of hits my review received. It is of course not a totally useless book if you are interested in Handke's biography separate from his writing, and I imagine increases the value of Handke's Vor und Nachlass to the several archives - that Handke himself is supposed to like it is somewhat hard to believe unless anything that calls attention to him is welcome under the aegis of "stay in the picture" ["bleib im Bild"], not only for MEISTER DER DAEMMERUNG'S lack of relationship to Handke's writing, but for revealing some extremly unpleasant characteristic of its subject. Nothing so dreadful as to obviate the overdue Nobel I might say.

The Colbin review appears on two separate blogs and has a total in excess of 2,000 views. It must be a unique event for a professional ex-Spiegel intrepid who prefixes himself with a Ph.D. to ty to suppress a review, and impoverished Nachrichten.at submitted to his threat!

At any event, if the Malte count is the second highest, in descending order then some of more important ones. You may note that my decimations of certain reviews
have got a lot of hits. I think I have real talent as an erinye  of lousy reviewers. For Michael McDonal's piece in the American Scholar I managed to contact o end of Phy Beta Kappa folks, under whose aegis American Scholar is run, which
I think explains its nearly 3000 hit count. It was a small, nasty and stupid review, of a kind that belonged... I dont know, into a gossip paper.

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the other important ones

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